Our Story

From Newcalf to cash cow


Our story starts in 1957, when the mother of our founder was born on a dairy farm. After years of education and his first jobs, our founder started working with the largest dairy cooperative of the world: FrieslandCampina, where he mastered the field of marketing and sales. He also finished his Ph.D. on innovation management at Delft Institute of Technology.

As a boy, our founder had several dreams: firstly to work and live abroad and secondly to start his own company. In 2013, he was offered a position in the United States, where he lived for more than 3 years. A dream came true.


Now, in 2018, he could no longer wait to make his other dream reality and he started Newcalf! Given the beauty of nature, the kindness of cows and the massive growth a calf has in his first year of existence, the name Newcalf was chosen. A broad network of people was found to support Newcalf.

The ambition of Newcalf is to create and develop -at triple market speed- these new calfs in their business, grow them very fast and make them cash cows ultimately!


Newcalf supports companies to innovate. We believe that innovation is not just about creating a new idea, but to make this idea a reality. We do whatever it takes to make this happen, including e.g. branding, launching and co-investing.


Algolweg 11 (suite 1.09)
3821 BG Amersfoort
The Netherlands
KvK/CoC: 81599048

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