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What is Kitchen Republic?

Kitchen Republic is the home for local food businesses and emerging food startups. They offer a fully-equipped professional culinary co-working space plus a community hub that connects industry experts and entrepreneurs. They ‘ve got ample workspace, fridge, freezer, and dry storage, plus top-of-the-line cooking equipment in our ‘plug and play’ kitchen. Their co-working environment inspires lots of collaboration and cross-pollination across brands and members. They host a variety of inspiring gatherings, including our 12-week Academy programs for startups + scale-ups. (source).

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More info

Inventor: Bart-Jan Veldhuijzen, Emma Veerhuis, Bas de Vries (link
Website: Kitchenrepublic.nl
History: it started back in 2018, but in 2019, the scale up has really started, crowdfunding round of 200K realized.

Price (EUR): contact them here (dutch form)


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