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What is a Fine Dust Eater?

MANN+HUMMEL approached the state of Baden-Württemberg and the city of Stuttgart. The company has been an expert in the filtration of liquids and air for more than 77 years,  and last year set up the Fine Dust Eater technology platform. The platform includes stationary and mobile filtration solutions which can be used to reduce fine dust pollution in cities. Fine dust particle filters and fans are integrated in the Filter Cubes. The fans suck in surrounding air and the filters retain the fine dust that is present in the drawn in air. The fans are programmed only to function when required in order to minimize the consumption of energy. In addition, integrated sensors collect data on the air and weather. (source).

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More info

Inventor: Mann + Hummel
Website: Fine Dust Eater
History: Project underway from 2019-2021

Price (EUR): Not available yet, contact them: Thomas Michalak (thomas.michalak@mann-hummel.com)


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