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What is special about the Aqueti camera?

The Mantis parallel supercameras offer a distinct advantage in security and surveillance, with capabilities to solve complex needs for clients ranging from concert and sports venues to airports and cities. Mantis imaging systems eliminate the limitations of traditional video setups that rely on multiple, mechanical pan-tilt-zoom cameras. These conventional cameras can record only the targeted areas at the expense of missing crucial details and moments in the larger field of view. With the Mantis camera, you can record everything within the field of view. All of this media can be explored live and after it’s been stored. A week or months later, you can zoom in and review all the data. (source).

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More info

Inventor: David Brady
Website: Aqueti.com 
History: started developing in 2012

Price (USD): Roughly 25K, contact them: info@aqueti.com


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