What is Flakka?

Recently, there have been a lot of outrageous stories about people in Florida doing strange things. For example, a man rushed out of his house in Miami a month ago. He ripped off all his clothes and screamed violently while running. This occurred after smoking Flakka, a crystal-like drug. It took five police officers to take him down. The “excited delirium” that the user ends up in seems to create a superhuman strength. With this strength, there is delusion, paranoia, and hallucination. The drug is new to the scene. It is a synthetic amphetamine-like stimulant. Flakka has the same type of compounds that are found in bath salts(cathinones). The drug is being purchased online, primarily from China. Small town dealers are then peddling it, making it easily attainable and very cheap at $3.00 per hit. (Read more).

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-disclaimer: do not use illegal drugs, this article is to inform you about a variety of trends and products in the world and Newcalf wants to engage you in controversial ideas-

Inventor: Chinese synthetic drug labs
Science: Flakka-Induced Prolonged Psychosis
History: 2014
Example Video of Crazy Flakka user:  shocking link

Price (USD): $3-5 per hit

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