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What are Smartians?

A product that enables users to retrofit their existing home appliances, turning them into smart ones. No more waste, and the
benefit of complete flexibility Рyou become the creator, and can be as inventive as you want. Smartians are cloud-connected, smart actuators that let you control your home from wherever you are. They consist of a small motor, onto which you can add a
dozen different add-ons. Each add-on converts the movement of the motor into a different motion to enable you to press buttons, turn knobs, pull strings and move objects. You are only limited by your imagination! They work remotely through the app, which enables you to set timers and even make routines – for instance, switch on your heater and open your blinds every morning before you even get out of bed. By using IFTTT, you can also integrate Smartians with other services and devices such as Google Home or Amazon
Echo. Smartians are made both for those who love to hack things, as well as people
who just want to improve their old devices as easily as possible (source).

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More info

Inventor: Frolic Studios
Website: Smartians
History: (it is still a proof of concept)

Price (EUR): Not available yet, contact them: media@frolicstudio.com


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