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What is Sparckel?

Stay in step with nature’s rhythm with Sparckel – the first stand-alone biodynamic lighting system in the world to incorporate technology that simulates the power of natural daylight. Sparckel gives you measurably more energy and a better night’s sleep, and has a positive effect on your mood… guaranteed! Sparckel lighting systems support our biorhythm, slow down dementia, reduce depression, increase our work concentration and motivation, and help you enjoy a healthier life at home (source).

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More info

Inventor: Sparckel
Website: www.sparckel.nl
History: invented in 2015, Sparckel has already won numerous awards: The LED application of the year, Good Industrial Design and Winner of the HighTechXL Impact Final Days.

Price (EUR): 39 per month, or e.g. €1749 for a Sunny Sam


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