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What is a biobased battery?

By carefully examining how nature works and what nature gives us, we are able to make new combinations and materials. Part of our strategy in the energy transition is to develop solutions for more efficient use of energy. Optimizing energy generation systems like solar panels, wind turbines and other sustainable circular technology to generate energy. Store and transport energy. And make it available to be used. (source). More information can be read in this very interesting article (in Dutch): “Revolutionaire bio-accu van Suwotec werkt op zand, zout en bladeren” (link)


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Inventor: Suwotec (Lammert de Wit, Richard IJpma, Wim Hof)
Website: www.suwotec.com
History: 2019 first prototype after 5 years of work

Price (EUR): 100 EURO per KwH.


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