Our Innovation Vision

Go back to where it started!

The Setting

Our innovation vision? We believe that every organization can innovate. There are plenty of good ideas. Employees feel where changes are needed. Changes are being avoided, because humans like stability. The environment however is volatile. Markets change. Funds disappear. Customers try competitor products.

Change is needed

Then, innovation can no longer wait. We have to move. These brilliant new ideas need to become reality. Now the organization has to organize the change. Or….launch the new product. Or expand into new markets. But there is still the running business. We are stuck in balancing the operation from day to day with pulling a change. And we are stuck in our matrix organizations.

Our Vision

We have a very simple innovation vision: think like an entrepreneur! Go back to where your organization started. And how your organization operated. Be entrepreneurial, cut corners, take short cuts, avoid procedures, go for the ultimate result. Make it happen! Not because we don’t respect the running organization with its brilliant optimizing process capabilities, but because this is the only way to execute the innovate and triple the speed to market!

Go back to where it all started!



Newcalf supports companies to innovate. We believe that innovation is not just about creating a new idea, but to make this idea a reality. We do whatever it takes to make this happen, including e.g. branding, launching and co-investing.


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