Innovation Investments

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In certain innovation projects, external financing may be required and Newcalf (together with its network of investors) may be willing to take a stake. We are not just delivering our support in terms of knowledge, but also financially. Most importantly, to make innovation investments successfull, expertise is needed.


Depending on the business case and the needs of the client, Newcalf can fund the initiatives and become partly the owner of it, to further increase the acceleration and ownership. This can be small support in terms of a no-cure, no-pay way of working, where our support will translate into shares, but it can also be investment (up to €25 million) in the venture. We are entrepreneurs and we go for the result, no matter what!


€ case by case


Newcalf supports companies to innovate. We believe that innovation is not just about creating a new idea, but to make this idea a reality. We do whatever it takes to make this happen, including e.g. branding, launching and co-investing.


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