Innovation Quick Scan

Create insight


  1. Define the innovation process as it runs (“the change, e.g. add a new product to the product line”)
  2. Describe the innovation process (the as-is situation) very clearly, the people who are involved and the way how it is set up.
  3. Describe the positive elements of the innovation process and the hurdles/challenges.
  4. Rate the innovation process while using objective measurements (e.g. speed vs peers)
  5. Describe where improvement in the process can be made


The process we follow in general for the innovation quick scan is the following:

  1. We organize a kick off meeting and we define the precise goal of the quick scan with all stakeholders;
  2. Interviews will be done in the broader community and desk research will be done to support;
  3. The as-is outcome will be shared and discussed with the stakeholders for verification;
  4. Another round of interviews will take place to find out the hurdles and how to overcome them;
  5. The proposed new process will be shared as a final outcome.

Typical Newcalf will send in a group of two consultants for 6 days for this innovation quick scan to be able to run through this full process in one month.


€ 18000 (ex. Vat, indication)


Newcalf supports companies to innovate. We believe that innovation is not just about creating a new idea, but to make this idea a reality. We do whatever it takes to make this happen, including e.g. branding, launching and co-investing.


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